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Levy and Lien Removal

You know how the IRS uses wage levies, bank levies, tax liens and property seizures to collect taxes you can't pay.  You know they have an army of lawyers, tax collectors and auditors to intimidate you.

Between 2000 and 2004 IRS levies increased an incredible 82%.  IRS Tax Liens increased a huge 86%.  Levies and liens continue double every year after 2004.  Why?

  • The government needs the money.
  • Politicians hate raising taxes.  It loses them votes.
  • The IRS budget has increased for enforcement and collections.

You have rights as a taxpayer.  Do you know them?  The IRS won't tell you.

You have options to resolve tax debt you can't pay.  Do you know them?  The IRS won't tell you.

Well, what we at GaxiolaCPA do is negotiate the best possible solution for you allowable under the law.  Never  talk to the IRS again.  Let us talk to the IRS for you.  We know your options.  We know your rights.  We'll make sure you get them.